UNISSON STRUCTURES mission is to imagine, create and build high quality aluminum structures and components. More than just building stages & structures, Unisson Structures is motivated by the idea of creating unique, memorable, significant and engaging spaces and experiences for our customers. From stages for local festivals or global concert tours, structures specifically design to accommodate VIP’s in comfort and intimacy, an inspired architectural structure or an innovative commercial product, the objective remains the same: deliver an experience.

From our humble beginnings, our different evolutions and professional reinventions all the way to the arrival of a new generation of managers and employees and sustained market growth in Canada, North-America and abroad, our most fundamental values remain unchanged. We are artisans at heart, we love our art, the smell of our workshops, the sound of our tools, the sparks we see in our designers eyes and our welders visors. We are driven by a will to go further, be better partners for our clients and help them bring their ideas and dreams to life.

At Unisson Structures, nothing is complicated. Nothing is impossible. We strive for simple solutions, appreciate honest conversations and debate, welcome ideas from all sources, cherish relationships based on mutual respect and collaboration. We are still fascinated by that perfect weld, the creative process and work each and every day, as a team, to take a project and do everything we can to make it work perfectly. If we can make it better, we will.

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