UNISSON STRUCTURES offers a wide range of products & services to its clients. If you are looking for specific components or parts, a turnkey project, buying or leasing, we are there to understand your needs and propose advantageous solutions for all of your projects, small or large.



UNISSON STRUCTURES is a Quebec based fabricator of aluminum structures and components. Almost all of our products are made right here in Canada by local artisans or national firms. Our proximity to our main markets and our constant field presence make us a reliable, insightful and active partner. Our manufacturing facilities are simple, efficient and offer all the flexibility and turn around speed today’s clients need. If we don’t have the product you are looking for, we will work to find it or custom build it for you. To talk shop, please contact Olivier Jobin or Alexandre Olivier.

sales and leasing

UNISSON STRUCTURES offers different options to its clients. From purchasing, short and long term leasing, financing, we can help you maximize your investments. To talk numbers, please contact Olivier Jobin or Alexandre Olivier.

imagination services & design

UNISSON STRUCTURES has its own in-house staff of designers who work closely with our clients. We can start from your plans and specifications, from a napkin drawing or even from a conversation and then work to bring your ideas to paper, computer and, then, to life. To talk creative, please contact Alexandre Olivier.

R&D, engineering & certification

UNISSON STRUCTURES offers complete engineering and certification services to our clients. For us, security is paramount. We work with our clients and consider all possible factors to insure stability, efficiency, security and proper installation and maintenance of all of our structures and components. We also work with select clients to develop technically smart and creatively inspired solutions to specific problems. To talk science, please contact Jean-François Ducharme.

consulting & support

UNISSON STRUCTURES is an industry leader recognized for its service. We can support you in all stages of your projects. From initial planning, design, fabrication, installation, transport, logistics even security and crown control, we can share our experience with you in order to deliver a better experience to your customers. To discuss support, please contact Olivier Jobin.

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